Of over 400 planes assigned to the 388th, roughly 300 were given names by their pilots and crews.
In the following list, it is important to note a few points: When a plane's name is
followed by a II, it does not necessarily mean that the original plane had been lost.
Often a crew received a new plane and named it after its predecessor, followed by a II.
In other instances, multiple names were given to the same plane by succeeding pilots
So, for example, aircraft number 42-3262 was renamed Sweetheart then Jeannie then Willie's Wildcats.
In further instances, there are historical confusions or inaccuracies in plane names
(as in Reuel's Revenge  vs. Raoul's Revenge). This aircraft was actually named after Reuel Boring who was killed over Berlin on 4/29/44.
Many planes were named after the pilots' wives, sweethearts or mothers. Some were named after a pilot and his crew (as in Johoís Jokers and Hultcherís Vultures).
Other names were topical to the times, patriotic, or humorous in a GI kind of way.
In most cases, crew members named their positions (one tail gunner named his gun Mavis)
The following is a partial list of our planes. Names with links will take you to the nose art picture of the plane.

Additional details can be found on our database site

4th Term
5 Grand
A Good Ship and a Happy Ship
Anne Howe Too
Astma Baby
Bad Penny
Bare Essential
Battlin' Betsy
Beadles Bug
Belle of the Brawl
Berlin Ambassador
Betty Ann
Big Hill
Big Red
Big Three
Blessed Event
Blind Date
Blitzing Betsy
Borrowed Time
Bottled in Bond
Bucket of Bolts
Captain Joe
Chistlin Daddies
Cicero Kid
City of Savannah
Classy Chassy
Cock Of The Walk
Coming Home
Crash Crew Pride
Cruisin' Cradle
Cutie on Duty
Dear Mom / Dear Mom II
Destiny's Children
Devil's Luck
Double Play
Duchess of Dixie
Easy Does It
Effie Lou
Eight Ball
Fairman Willie
Fickle Fanny
Flak Suit
Flying Crutch
Flying Witch
Forever Amber
Fortress Nine
Fubar Express
Fubar Freight
Full House
G I Jane
Galloping Yo Yo
Girl of My Dreams
Glory Girl / Glory Girl II
Godfather's Inc.
Going My Way
Gremlin Gus / Gremlin Gus II
Gremlin's Hideout
Grope and Hope
Happy Go Lucky
Haughty Hazy
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven's Above
Hell's Angels
Hell's Belles
Her Highness
Hi Fever
Holy Smokes
Homesick Angel
Honey / Honey II
Hulcher's Vultures
I'll Get By
Idaho Potato Peeler
Ikky Poo
Impatient Virgin / Impatient Virgin II      
In God We Trust
Inside Man
Irresistible You
Iza Angel II
Iza Blue
Jake's Jerks
Jamaica Ginger / Jamaica Ginger II
Jewel Box
Joho's Jokers
Just AG
Just Joyce
Karen W
Kittle Blueeyes
Knockout Dropper
La Chiquita
La Donna
Lady Anne
Lady Courageous
Lady Godiva
Lady Lillian
Lady Lun
Lady Margaret
Len' Leas
Li'l One
Lightning Strikes
Lil Joe Lil
Lil' Miss Tammara
Little Boy Blue
Little Chum
Little Donna
Little Joe
Little Joe Jr.
Little Lass
Little Mac
Little Squirt
Little Willie
Lone Wolf
Lotta Bull
Luck Lil
Lucky Penny
Lucy Poo
Mangel's Angel
Mangel's Dream
Mary Ellen
Mary's Sister
Millie "K"
Miss Adventure
Miss Bea Haven
Miss Fortune
Miss Fury
Miss Jinny
Miss Karen K
Miss Lace
Miss Mac
Miss Marilyn
Mister Yank / Mr. Yank II
Moonlight Serenade
Morning Maid
Morning Mail
My Blue Buddy
My Boy Buddy
My Day
My Devotion
My Lil Baby
My True Love
Nasty Nellie
No Body Loves Me / Nobody Loves Me II      
Oh Kay
Old Ironsides
Old Satchel
Old Silver
Old '66
Ole Bassar
Ole Faithful
Olin's 69'ers
Our Baby
Our Love
Panhandle Kid
Paper Doll
Pappys Wagon
Passionate Witch / Passionate Witch II
Patty Jo
Paula Sue
Peg of my Heart
Pegasus / Pegasus Too / Pegasus IV
Petite Collette
Piccadilly Queen
Pistol Packin' Mama
Pistolas Juanita
Pregnant Portia
Pride of the Yanks
Princess Azul
Punchin' Judy
Queen of Hearts
Quit Your Bitchin
Ramp Tramp
Ready Maid
Red X Darling (as in Red Cross Darling)
Return Engagement
Reuel's Revenge
Rose Mary
Rough Darts
Rough Deal
Round Trip
Rubber Check
Ruthless Rebel
Sack Happy
Satan's Sister
Screamin' Red Ass
Second Chance / Second Chance II
Shack Job
Shack Rabbits
Shack Wolves
Shoo Shoo Baby
Shoot the Works
Shy Ann or Sky Anne
Silver Dollar / Silver Dollar II
Silver Lady
Sioux City Queen
Sioux City Sue
Skipper 'an' the Kids
Sky Queen
Sky Shy
Sky Wolf
Slave's Dream
Slightly Dangerous / Slightly Dangerous II
Slow But Sure
Smokey Stover
Smokey / Smokey II
Snafu II
Snafu / Snaky
Sweeny's Brats
Solid Sender
Solvang Revenger
Sondra Kay
Star Dust
Strato Express
Susan Kay
Susy Sag Tits
Sweeney's Brats
Sweet Lorraine /
Take It Easy
Tech Supply
Tender Comrade
The Princess Pat
The Worry Bird
Tiger Girl
Tom Paine
True Love
Urge Me
Vagabond Lady
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Virgin on the Verge
Wabash Cannon Ball
Wailuku Maui
War Weary
Weary Wolf
Wee Bonnie / Wee Bonnie II
Wells Up
Wenatchee Special
Willie's Wildcats
Wing and a Prayer
Winged Fury
Winnemann's Witch
Wizard of Oz
Wolf Pack
Wolf Wagon
Worry Wart
Yankee Belle